Album artwork for First Drive

First Drive Pophop

Release date: May 15, 2020
Cat No: Acker Special 003
Barcode: 4250101416996
Acker Special 003
This one works like a cold beer for breakfast: It gets you going immediately, elevates your mood, it nurtures body and soul – and it makes you want more. That's why the first PopHop EP works just as good on a home sound system as it does where this charmingly eccentric character from the North East of Germany is at home: On the dancefloor. Showing a remarkably sensitive side in his earthy in-strumentations and a wonderfully bold side in his rhythms and basslines, he sends us on three diffe-rent trips. The trumpet of jPattersson and the guitar chords of Aeksel are like the cherry on the cake, and PopHop provides a serious amount of catchiness even in the realm of double-digit BPM.

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