Album artwork for First Drive - Remixes Part 1

First Drive - Remixes Part 1 Pophop / Bonfante / Zigan Aldi

Release date: July 17, 2020
Cat No: Acker Special 004 Part 1
Barcode: 4250101419270
Acker Special 004 Part 1
PopHop extends his First Drive, his first EP, and invites some illustrious co-pilots to take us to a mag-nificent place known as the world of remixes. Zigan Aldi move using warm chinks and jingles as well as the weightless sound of JPatterson’s trumpet, he sends us in a state of freefall - and just when we forget where’s top and where’s bottom, he picks us up with the driving groove of “Romania”. Bonfan-te uses the rhythmic backbone of “Slovakia” to unfold a sonic texture made of melodic goosebumps, perfectly complemented by the ethereal deepness of her voice.

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