Album artwork for First Observation EP

First Observation EP Skudge

Release date: August 8, 2011
Cat No: Echocord Colour 016
Barcode: 880319525216
Coloured 12"
Echocord Colour 016
7,80 €
After some big releases with Luke Hess, Mike Dehnert, Sebastien San, Mikkel Metal & Resoe here comes the next bomb, this time by the duo Skudge.

Secured behind the guise and in return getting the acceptance of being anonymous is a combination proved to be good for the music. Looking to Skudge, where the music has been the thing that matters the most, not only by saying it does, but also proving it to be true – Echocord Colour is the home for their new record, which is a label that has been pursuing its own style without giving away the headspace of having a solid representation over a selection of crafty artists.

For Skudge though, this is a release not so similar to their tracks on Skudge Records. At a quick listen, their atmosphere which they have been refining over time is is present, but it’s delivered and hopefully received as a more calm but tense one – over all, “First Observation Ep” is a first step into a second dimension.

It also includes a deep and dubby powerfull remix by Conforce.

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