Album artwork for Fistel Rose Power (Best Of)

Fistel Rose Power (Best Of) James Din A4

Release date: June 2, 2008
Barcode: 880319300622
13,70 €
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"Fistel Rose Power" marks the third collaboration of Pingipung and James Din A4, after his two terrific compilation contributions. ("Reggae- Olympiade" on "Kami Eins", 2002 and "Graumelierte Pötstellen" on "Pingipung blows: the Brass", 2007) Together we handpicked the pearls featured on the album from more than 20 vinyl records, all of which the musician and artist from Ottersberg released himself. They appear on CD for the first time, as a "Best Of", and come with elaborate artwork. The 24 page booklet and the digipak were designed for this purpose by the artist himself, and offer an impression of his worlds of illustration, which he brings to the world under the label "Made with Hate". James Din A4 is Dennis Busch, a man of many faces. He's the head behind the Esel label, on which he has been living out his own particular view on Techno, with refreshing obstinacy, for eight years to date. In addition to external artists, he also releases there under the aliases Lassie & Chris, Pop Dylan, Krieghelm Hundewasser, and Pastor Fitzner. Virtually alongside this, he runs his own workshop - of considerable output - for silkscreen printing and collage ("Made with Hate"); more and more, he also creates covers for other artists (the most recent being Wolfgang Voigt's current 12"); and apart from that, he's getting practice in life as a father of three. About the record: Occasionally, it is rather obvious what the house and techno coming from James Din A4's Esel factory is modeled after - the deepness of Theo Parrish, above all - but again and again, by the use of swirling hi-hats, stumbling samples, or breaks recorded manually via MPC, he manages to thwart and breach the whole track, and to present it, from one second to the other, under a new light. Only to bring back the bass drum then, holding everything together - along with a thousand melodies. The musician himself calls his style "Techno with weeds", and that hits the nail on the head perfectly. He's also able to bring to bear his charming play with lo-fi-samples quite neatly in his downtempo tracks (Petsoundfile, Human Schaufenster Coalition). With James Din A4, everything's allowed to crackle, hiss and distort - all the same, his music takes everyone for a ride, and shoves us to the dance floor with a wink.
James Din A4 präsentiert die Highlights seiner 25 Veröffentlichungen in einer aufwendigen Verpackung.

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