Album artwork for Flaming Creatures

Flaming Creatures Sex Judas

Release date: August 16, 2019
Cat No: OMDD 013
Barcode: 4250101409004
Digital Single
OMDD 013
One half of famed Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex, Tore Gjedrem AKA Sex Judas, makes an awaited return to Optimo Music with Flaming Creatures. Following the critically acclaimed debut LP Go Down Judas, this three track release features Judas’ live band The Moist.

“Flaming Creatures, a deep disco love song, sees Sex Judas on his knees apologising to his lover. Tidens Angst is a mellow southern disco affair, contrasted by ramblings on surveillance paranoia. Faire le Boeuf (french jazz slang for a jam session), sees the band in freeform lending elements from Malian traditional music, with modern electronic vibes.” Sex Judas.

The EP begins with the titular Flaming Creatures. A classic disco inspired love song, echoing David Mancuso´s Loft and the cosmic sounds of the 70’s, the occasional chime of piano keys blend with subtly-changing hi-hats, whilst a female vocal sings, creating a feel-good summer anthem. Tidens Angst continues the easy-going theme, as a gentle guitar solo forms the bassline, changing pitch alongside funk-fuelled percussion. Faire le Boeuf rounds off the EP, and sees “the band in freeform”, creating an impulsive, in-the-moment record.

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