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Flex Trax Digital Ivan

Cat No: TOYT126
Barcode: 4250101441196
11,20 €
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The new Toy Tonics EP comes from a kid called Ivan. Digital Ivan. From Moscow. Ivan is 21, just finished school, but is already a regular DJ in Moscow’s underground party scene. Known for creating a ecstatic energy with a big sense of funk when DJing. And his first 4 tracks have that vibe! High Energy & New Wave Disco bombs. Ivan is inspired by the big 1980ies names like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. His father showed him a lot of music as a child. And you can feel this in his tracks for Toy Tonics. Ivan’s aesthetic is raw. Simply produced with a few synthesizers and drum machines in his bedroom. But he has a lot of fantasy and sense of musical imagination. Ivan is a big cinema fans. His favorite directors are Cameron, Refn, Ridley Scott and Carpenter. And it seems the love for the futuristic movies is also reflected in his music. This is Digital Ivan’s first EP. For sure not the last. Follow him on Instagram. It’s fun to see the Moscow underground scene.

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