Album artwork for Flier EP

Flier EP Jon McMillion

Release date: October 7, 2013
Cat No: NEK 04 V
Barcode: 880319629334
14,90 €
  • 09LdcVH9D8h2
  • release
After having debuted on NEK with his critically acclaimed “Jon McMillion LP,” Jon McMillion now returns to the label on a provocative six-track sound cloud. For those who know McMillion's musical prowess, they won't be surprised to find late night musings lathered in left-field sensibilities, comedic soundscapes with dance floor leanings, exquisite sound design, and an ongoing exchange of darkness unto light. McMillion is a aural frontiersman with a passion for free-form composition, complicated sonic layering, and a particular nostalgia for retro ephemera. On the Flier EP (NEK04), McMillion returns to these elements, perpetually rendering what dance music is and could be.

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