Album artwork for Florescimento

Florescimento L_cio / Laura Schwantes / Bica



Release date: September 8, 2023
Cat No: D.O.C. 042
Barcode: 4250101461743
Digital Single
D.O.C. 042
“Florescimento” [Blossoming/flowering], something that plays with senses across many dimensions. Among those evoked by the word, we count the different meanings that it finds to define the most vibrant moments in the existence of anything, whereas among those provoked by the process, we have the intoxicating stimuli this phenomenon offers us through its many manifestations.

It is both the moment when colours and odors take over the outside world, triggering sensations and sentiments that invade our innerworld, and the culminating point of the development of all creation, the most powerful in the life of any creature. But here, in L_cio's creative plan, everything becomes an inspiration that feeds another movement of his botanical odyssey. Perhaps the most personal, because it is the one where mother and son unite their talents to materialise it musically.

Artistic generations and personalities that meet in a rich intimate dialogue, each contributing with their respective sensibilities and skills to create a piece that seeks not to replicate, but tonally reinterpret the qualities of its name. Also one that doesn't close in on itself either, as the theme implies and the presence of Bica, renowned and gifted wind instrument colleague, indicates. A collaboration that not only tries to express the fertility of life, but invites it to be at the core of the polyphony of which we are also a part, whether as listeners or dancers.

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