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Focus For Infinity Massimiliano Pagliara

Release date: June 6, 2011
Cat No: Playrjc CD008
Barcode: 880319517327
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Playrjc CD008
14,90 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Some small town boys imagine that they will escape their narrow origins and live the glitz and fame of their idols someday. Most never achieve what they dream of, they resign to lesser options, they compromise. But some, they pursue what they long for, because they have no other options. And then there are some who even manage to do so by doing it on their own terms, and by finding their own creative voice. Massimiliano Pagliara may once have been one of those small town boys, who listen to their favorite records and read about the wild places, alone or with likeminded friends, but he chose to not stop in mere passive and distant observation. He acted. And then, as it sometimes happens when deep desire meets true talent, he succeeded. First by moving from Lecce to Milan, and there approaching the club culture from an academic angle, which led to a diploma in theater-dance and choreography (it still shows, if you ever have the chance to see him move!). And then Milan’s alternative club scene gave him even more hints of what music to explore was out there, seemingly waiting to be morphed into his very own vision of sound. After he moved to Berlin this urge became stronger, and soon dancing in an academic context just was not enough, and dancing in legendary clubs like Ostgut took over, until he felt ready and willing to join in the buzz as a DJ. And not before long, Massimiliano Pagliara was the one who got the same crowds moving he formerly was an enthusiastic part of, with knowledgeable selections touching a plethora of bases from disco and house origins and what became of it, spiked with a good dose of the unexpected, leftfield and obscure and overall utmost groovyness. All delivered with his very own supercharming demeanor, styled with both grace and conviction, coming on like the sweet missionary of nocturnal bliss. And as much as he loves playing the music he loves, producing the music he loves was the obvious next step to take. Having developed an obsession with analogue synth sounds, Massimiliano Pagliara gathered vintage equipment and holed up in his studio, to work on producing the music he always wanted to produce. And the results were so convincing that they led Daniel Wang, certainly not someone to take A&R duties lightly, to release his debut single on his legendary Balihu imprint. Since then he spread his lovely melodies and infectious grooves to mainstays like Rush Hour Recordings, Meakusma, Needwant and eventually the seminal club and label haven Robert Johnson. After proceeding to form the pop sensation [sic!], there seemed just one stone left unturned, the ultimate goal of the aspiring artist: the album. And thus “Focus For Infinity” came to life, Massimiliano Pagliara’s testament to his own inspirations and preferences, transferred into a superb voyage of disco and house transcendentalism, that owes as much to electronic pioneers like Patrick Cowley, as it does to the legacy of the defining days of Italo Disco, Synthpop and Chicago House. But however truthful he may have put his Prophet 5, Korgs and Rolands into action, this album is clearly not clinging to paying tributes. It aims and succeeds to sings its own song, and dances to its own rhythm. Judging from his acclaimed achievements, it may come as no surprise that this album sounds so diverse and personal, and is executed with such dedication and grandezza. But still surprises are around every corner if you listen to it. Some small town boys, they just never look back. And here is why they don’t ever need to.

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