Album artwork for Follow The Smoke EP

Follow The Smoke EP Walker Barnard



Release date: January 17, 2011
Cat No: ADIG10
Barcode: 880319504013
Mad man from Berlin via Santa Fe, New Mexico, Walker Barnard, takes a big slab of deep and dirty house and throws it right in the face of every man and woman from coast to coast, hands in the air and brains in space yelling Yodel-aieeee- ooo! When we heard this music, we knew we had to release it! The title track Follow The Smoke is a deep sensationally layered track with wonderful floating percussion, trippy nastiness and layers of beautiful sounds that caress the speakers and lift the brain to another plateau. Whatever time of day or night this track is played it is guaranteed to lift the heads to a new level. Period. The second original here is Sufi Futurist. This track suggests being deep in the New Mexico desert late at night with the stars ringing above ones head, floating away to some distant dream of rituals one may only consider real in such situations. Funky as fuck, deep as hell and enough rolling percussions to keep anyone….rolling. On remix duties for ADIG 10 we have friends Ryan Crosson, Big Bully and Odnu, and Clovis. Ryan's take on Follow The Smoke is pure Head Fuck Funk. Yes friends, we have coined a new genre of dance music and HFF will take the universe by storm. Fat bouncy kick drums, illuminated trumpet lines and thick hand claps will take the listener on a journey to heaven and back. You might not be ready. Clovis has his own take on Follow The Smoke. Layering beautiful strings, almost scary at times, playful acoustic guitar bits and nice pads that make you forget your day might have totally been a total downer. You might know Clovis from the Droog / Culprit parties, he's been taking over LA in a big way and you will hear this freak worldwide for years to come. Last but not least we have the one and only Big Bully and pal Odnu. Big Bully has been part of the Adjunct family for some time now and we were really happy to have him on board. They take Sufi Futurist on a spaced out trip to another land we haven't been to yet, but are quite happy to have found such a place. Round bass undertones, dubbed-out pads and percussion elements that make your stomach rumble with pleasure, your feet cry for more abuse and your head telling you - DONT STOP!. All in all, Follow The Smoke is an EP that shows how its supposed to be done in this day and age and were happy to present this to the world. Enjoy!

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