Album artwork for For Everything

For Everything Johannes Klingebiel

Release date: July 28, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 098
Barcode: 4250101459771
Digital Single
Playrjc 098
Let's welcome Frankfurt-raised and Berlin-based DJ, producer, label owner, ace drummer and piano player Johannes Klingebiel. We at LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON are very proud to release his 4-track EP entitled »For Everything«.

And let's just get to the point: »For Everything« is a tune for every situation and for everyone - why? Because it has all the typical Klingebiel elements: A play- and joyful dreamy sound with a fat boom-bap beat. What else do you need?! And yes: You CAN fade to grey with it … yes, it has got this vibe.

»Torso«'s torso is built on the same ingredients as the title track: Take a thumping bass drum, add some dreamy harmonies and you get a fresh and wistful track for the early club hours.

Up next is »Not Today« where Johannes reduces the speed to achieve a trance-like effect with this deep, deep web of sound. Again he convinces with beautiful harmonies that suck you deep into the groove - maybe »Not Today« but definitely tomorrow.

»In The End It Did Not Matter« - the last tune on this EP - of course DOES matter. Mr. Klingebiel speeds up again and adds layer of layer of synths sounds keeping the overall dreamful atmosphere alive and vibrant for you to take full advantage on your favourite dancefloor - be it as a listener or dancer or as the shaman of the night, the DJ:

»There's a solution »For Everything« said J. the regular dancer, his »Torso« bent in a very unnatural way. »Not Today« replied K. the DJ. But whatever, K. said, »In The End It Did Not Matter«.

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