For Those Who Caught The Sun In Flight

Release date: February 10, 2014
Cat No: GZH49
Barcode: 880319649424
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Tomorrow We Sail is a group of seven musicians, based in Leeds, UK. Formed in 2009 they have spent the past four years developing their sound into what is now a vast landscape of billowing, reverb-soaked guitars, orchestral strings, piano, organ and multi-layered vocals.

Folk, slowcore, neo-classicism, minimalism, ambience, and post-rock are all apparent in the vast and winding soundscapes Tomorrow We Sail create. The music is slow-burning, creeping quietly into consciousness, the sonic terrain covered ensures the listener is held through a constantly moving orchestrated cavern of sound, with earnest melodies and harmonies drifting and falling all around.

After self-releasing their debut EP, 'The Common Fire', in 2010, the band retreated back to their studio to further develop and refine their sound as their line-up evolved, enabling the band to incorporate an ever expanding roster of instruments. With the line-up solidified, the band released two singles, 'The White Rose' in November 2011, followed by 'For Rosa' in May 2012.

October 2012 saw Tomorrow We Sail embark on their first tour of the UK & EU, playing both headline shows and supports with bands such as Caspian, Last Harbour and Ef, culminating in an appearance at the The London International Festival of Exploratory Music at Kings Place.

Over the past three summers, Tomorrow We Sail have taken to the stage at festivals across the UK, including Kendal Calling, Tramlines, Sheep Music, Landed & Galtres, as well as contributing tracks to the independent feature film 'Broken Roads', released in September 2012 in cinemas across the US and winner of Best Motion Picture and Best Director at the American International Film Awards.

The band have just completed the recording of their debut album which is set for worldwide release in February 2014.

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