Album artwork for Forever Circles

Forever Circles RKJVK / Rey&Kjavik

Release date: April 26, 2024
Cat No: Playrjc 109
Barcode: 4250101468995
Digital Single
Playrjc 109
It's nice to be able to dip into the »new music pool« in your local scene and pull out the latest and hottest stuff, isn't it? Well, we totally agree, and thus present you the new RKJVK 12". RKJVK also known as Rey&Kjavik is Alexander Schomann, DJ and producer from Offenbach, Germany aka »Robert Johnson City«. And Alexander gives us two extraordinary tracks entitled »Circles« and »Forever« - and by extraordinary we do mean extraordinary. Extraordinary track number one is called »Circles« and sets the mood for this record: Meditative and stoical could be two words to describe this relaxed sombre 124 bpm tune driven by a robotic voice and a very relaxed bass drum which sometimes just stops beating. But of course, the beat never stops here - rest assured. »Forever« is even more relaxed: RKJVK slows down the tempo, reduces the bass drum beat which pumps along like a slow-motion electro beat and adds an eerie oriental melody and percussion plus the same robotic voice which in a mantra kinda way sings phrases like »We are here together forever« and »Days like this when nothing goes right« - what a fantastic vibe! Extraordinary again. As his biography says »Rey&Kjavik offers a spiritual rousing path, which enlightens and leads into other spaces, places, and spheres.« He indeed does here, leaving us speechless, really. Now all you gotta to do is hear for yourself and experience the marvelous world of RKJVK.

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