Album artwork for Four in Deep EP

Four in Deep EP Aural Imbalance

Release date: November 5, 2012
Cat No: GCW 029
Barcode: 880319604812
Digital Single
GCW 029
Aural Imbalance is proper GCW old guard. If you want your dubs deep & dreamy then pull on your cans… or sway in the corner making little circles with your air max. This EP came about after one of our local (yokel) gatherings. All the usual suspects plus Kirsty Hawkshaw, Ulrich Schnauss, Tidal & Bassflo in attendance. Great friendships were forged, promises made (and Ulrich ate all the kids cake) Mr Imbalance got so stoked up at the after party that this collection took less than a week to deliver! In 2 Deep: 4 on the floor & deeper than your little cousins paddling pool. Synth lines lift this over your head and into the lighting rig. A 4am hippy barnstormer. Lets have a little dance shall we? Ocean Floor: Sheets of ice clean digital reverb slide your ears out from under you. Ultra wide palettes of sound skitter around, breaking your wasted psyche apart. Glacial strings trying to glue you back together. (Probably the wrong way around) Tranquility Dub: Find a rig. Get lucky with a moody sunset. Add a few beers and a BBQ. Watch the old clubbers shuffle around grinning. If Aural Imbalance has a signature sound when he is lurking at the Cottage then this is it. Heavy. Tranquility Dub (SB’s Tranceberry Redub) Continuing the pact between Shane Berry & Aural Imbalance, SB takes Tranquility Dub & twists it up for a bit of main room action. GCW has a couple of ‘Top Rankin’ supporters. This was done for them. Smoke, lights, lazers. All that caper.

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