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Fraximal Ferenc



Release date: June 27, 2005
Cat No: Kompakt 120
Barcode: 880319019319
Kompakt 120
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Debut full-length album of Spanish techno from Ferenc, aka Maxi Ruiz and Fra Soler. 2003 saw the release of their sensational track "Yes Sir I Can Hardcore," released in 2003, featuring M. Mayer remix) which paved the way for a new sound that Tiefschwarz, Blackstrobe and many others would later adapt excessively to their own music to create sure-fire hits. These well-intended creations raised a monument for the almost forgotten early '90s style pioneered by Frankie Bones, early Joey Beltram, How & Little, NuGroove, and City Limits, etc. They were a tribute to Brooklyn hardcore -- the hardest dance music of that period. But those times are over... and it's high time to go back to the future! Via trend-spotting in Barcelona's Club Nitsa, Soler manages to combine the past fifteen years of club music into a refreshingly complex eclecticism that retains a homogeneous quality throughout his sets. Ferenc's Fraximal presents a successful result of this story, spiced up with new anecdotes. By using sophisticated arrangements, a subtle selection of sounds and endless quotes and references, Ferenc creates a romantic approach to techno music provoking warmth and emotion under a completely upfront sound surface within the vivacity of the bass drum. At times epic, sometimes wild, occasionally yearning, and obviously introspective, Ferenc always lean fervently to the dancefloor. A perfect example of Ferenc's success in achieving (dare we say) coziness in techno can be found in "Vinagreta" which features a cameo appearance by Paris-based techno queen Jennifer Cardini. This wonderful Balearic techno-house track simply falls apart in the middle as the bass drum is denied in favor of one of the most beautiful summer-fuelled love songs ever. Tracks like "Nitsa is 11" and "Sandia" are certain to thrill anyone who can spell Border Community or who have found themselves united with their soul on the dancefloor while experiencing Choice's "Acid Eiffel." Fraximal is an outstanding debut album that communicates techno passionately in all its horizons to be experienced just as well in the club or on your sofa at home.
"Fraximal" ist ein exzellentes Debutalbum, das Techno in all seiner Feinheit, Vielschichtigkeit und Leidenschaft vermittelt.

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