Album artwork for Free Yourself From Your Mind EP

Free Yourself From Your Mind EP Camea / The Reason Y

Release date: December 16, 2022
Cat No: NVR-014
Barcode: 4250101452017
Digital Single
Label-boss Camea and mainstay Neverwhere artist The Reason Y combine forces together for their first collaborative EP, Free Yourself From Your Mind, as a teaser for their upcoming release, ‘Elevation’, on Speicher/Kompakt slated for March 2023.

Both versions of the titled track are trippy, late night burners that sit perfectly between the four on the floor genres. The original is a minimal, arpeggiated version that focuses on Camea’s thought provoking words, “Stop talking. Start listening. Free Yourself From Your Mind.”, as it echoes, glitches and occupies the panoramic audio space with a spring reverb effect.

The 90s Rave version follows the main composition, with a slightly more melodic mix-down and a vintage Roland rave synth that is reminiscent of West Coast warehouse parties from the early trance era.

The collaboration of these two prolific and talented artists brings an exciting addition to the Berlin minimal techno discography.

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