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Freedom Fighta Devon & Jah Brothers

Release date: July 5, 2019
Cat No: MGCD01
Barcode: 8055323521727
12,48 €
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FREEDOM FIGHTER – a person who takes part in a resistance movement against an oppressive political or social establishment. Against a backdrop of political and social tensions deriving in large part from racial differences (highlighted by the immigration saga), Devon and Jah Brothers launches their debut album FREEDOM FIGHTA. Fully convinced that music is a tool capable of reaching across divides and bridging the gap that threatens our humanity, the Italy based group led by Nigerian producer, singer/songwriter Devon Miles aims to send a powerful message to the masses of HOPE – that a better world is possible if only we can unite in spite of our differences, of FAITH – that together we can begin to see the good in humanity and work for instead of against each other and of LOVE – the only antidote to the poison of hate that so threatens our very own survival. A 13-Track album, FREEDOM FIGHTA is not only a journey through various themes bordering on key social issues that plague our society today but also a rich buffet of sounds and genres in one big melting pot – kind of like our world! Tracks like MURDERER, title track FREEDOM FIGHTA, THE JOURNEY, STAND UP FOR JAH, DON’T CRY promise to leave the listener with an after taste tantamount to a sonic orgasm. With rhythms guaranteed to draw you into a cosmic vortex where the heart meets the mind in a perfect combination of groove and message, FREEDOM FIGHTA promises to be a pleasant discovery for music lovers all over the world!

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