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Fréquence(s) Madben

Release date: April 6, 2018
Cat No: AR09 LP
Barcode: 880319913839
14,90 €
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21,90 €
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Since his emergence in 2010, Madben's melodic, Detroit-inspired techno evolved, with various releases on Caduceus, Astropolis Records, Off Recordings, Inflyte and Bedrock. Nowadays, the Paris-based artist remains a key figure in France's new generation of techno producers, with an upcoming debut LP on Astropolis Records. Swinging from atmospheric sounds to techno, Madben produces an alchemy of rave anthems, hardware material and groovy, emotional music. With support from France's favourite Laurent Garnier, Manu le Malin and Rebekah Warrior, Fréquence(s) unveils his skillfull, mature universe.

12 tracks compose the album. The opening 'Space Bubbles' carries a cinematic, ethereal touch designed for dancefloor, from dusk till dawn. 'Mouvement circulaire' sets out a slow hypnotic rythm, leading to "Narcotica" and its warm melodies. 'MG's Groove', produced with master Laurent Garnier uncovers Madben's house moves, percussive beats and distorted synths. 'Reminiscence' and 'Stripes' wink at Madben's earlier melodic techno inprints, while 'Don't Lose the Beat' uses old school vocal as the LP's boiling point. Modern techno vision is underlined with tracks such as 'Tom & Tom' and 'The Struggle', both waving between UK inspirations, aerial sounds and Ben's original signature. Featuring with Manu le Malin and Rebekah Warrior, ‘Grief, Dance to Death' stands out from the rest, swaying betwixt French vocals and rave spirit, whereas the album’s last piece, ‘Lunar Park’, ends the journey with a gripping ethereal melody.

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