Freude Am Tanzen 5zig

Release date: April 11, 2011
Cat No: FAT LP 050
Barcode: 880319510038
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Every Soup from our kitchen has its own special flavor. As every mama well knows, a good soup is a staple of a beneficial diet. A dish (or rather bowl) with more recipe's than stars in the heavens, from tomato or potato to asparagus with quail eggs and caviar, a good soup always warms the heart. This concept has permeated Freude am Tanzen for many years, as it hangs high on a banner in the store in charming Jena. Since the founding in 1998 we go by the principle that every Freude am Tanzen Artist has the freedom to make a soup to their tastes. That is: Individualism is the trump card! You know, one finds him or herself in the wide spectrum of electronic dance music and can hav a measure of confidence when indulging in their own personal alchemy. Hereby there stands those stomach-rumbling shots of the chili and sweet-potato, or just the same there is the dub-exotica or penetrating ambient bouillon, olla la! Essentially rule numero uno is always Freude am Tanzen! Later, portions for testing are provided in the club steam boiler where the immediate reaction of the palette can be observed. The now 50eth Freude am Tanzen release is our jubilee edition, a gourmet trip through the sonic realm, where this soup principle of the FAT-team was first birthed: from deep house through to frickel dub over to ethereal beauties for the sunrise over the Saale Valley or the Thames. Completely different recipes, unmistakeably Freude am Tanzen, served by 11 current and erstwhile label artists together with a number of foodies. With that, the Freude am Tanzen 50eth is your ready-made snap-shot of current taste as well as a glowing soup tasting of the horizon. Now the curiosity is driven further, and the passion is shared only for the one reason: a complete selection of fine blends from the dance culture.
"5zig" (fifty) is your ready-made snap-shot of current taste as well as a glowing soup tasting of the horizon. Including free CD, a poster and sticker.