Album artwork for Froggystyle

Froggystyle Computer Station

Cat No: barn095
Barcode: 4250101468803
14,90 €
  • 65d79cd305678
  • release
GENRE/S: Electronic, Dance, Minimal A1. Gogo Gaga A2. Pond De Replay B1. Rub it! Rub it! B2. Frogman Utter and complete FROG FRENZY on Studio Barnhus as Computer Station (label veteran Your Planet Is Next + label newcomer KABLAM) take you on a ribbeting ride, leaping right into a lily-pad-laden wonderland where the basslines forever croak in unison. Club-optimised mixdowns, advanced computer graphics courtesy of Dennis Vera and not a BPM count under 149 guarantee that this record will make a proper splash in the frogstep scene! - Limited edition 12” vinyl of 300 copies

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