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From Here We Go Sublime The Field



Release date: March 26, 2007
Cat No: Kompakt CD 057
Barcode: 880319029820
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Kompakt CD 057
13,50 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Stockholm's own, Axel Willner aka THE FIELD joined the KOMPAKT family back in 2005 with the release of his cherished 12” debut “Things Keep Falling Down”. His adoration for KOMPAKT co-owner Wolfgang Voigt's GAS and M:I:5 projects from the '90's and the shoegazer rock of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine brought forward a new fusion of ambient and techno that nobody here can ever recollect being accomplished (post-Pop Ambient anyone?). The road was paved and continued on with a remix of ANNIE that leapt onto the web - THE FIELD immediately became a cult favourite amongst the blogging community which continues to be the case to this day. Take for instance last year's remix of VICE RECORDS Scandinavian rockers, 120 DAYS. Found on well over 200 blogs and web zines, this exposed THE FIELD to a whole new realm of fans. With his 2nd single for KOMPAKT “Sun & Ice” (which appears on “FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME”) and a remix for JAMES FIGURINE (of POSTAL SERVICE fame) we now arrive here… As many who read these over zealous blurbs well know, it's almost never that we cry out that overused word 'groundbreaking' when it comes to inflating the music KOMPAKT support's…we won't this time either as THE FIELD is deserving of being credited with terminology much more significant. What he's created for his album debut is absolutely special has truly touched all of us here. We hope the same for you. Samples abound throughout the songs found on “FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME” immediately giving you a feeling of warmth and familiarity on a first listen that you can't quite grasp…like a warm glove on a cold winters day. THE FIELD's music literally breathes. Harmonious drones mingle with a dizzying swell and reversed motion of bass drums and euphony. There is a ceaseless signature familiar to all his music, but that's the most exciting part of THE FIELD - the beautiful dynamic of beats and space that exists in his endless cycle.
Oh, THE FIELD! Schon als vor knapp zwei Jahren die erste “THE FIELD“ Maxi, THINGS KEEP FALLING DOWN (KOMPAKT 116) erschien, war klar: Da kommt was Grosses. Hinter dem klangvollen Projektnamen “THE FIELD“ steckt der schwedische Vollsympath Axel Willner, der uns mit jedem neuen Stück “FIELD Musik“ weiter in seinen magischen Bann zieht. Seine zauberhafte Klangwelt ist ebenso eigen wie zwingend. Mehr und mehr vertieft er konsequent seine Vision von harmonischer, glitzenernd schöner Tanz Musik, die bisweilen klingt, als käme Sie aus einer hoffnungsvollen Zukunft, in der bereits alles gut geworden ist. “FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME“ ist minimale Musik bei maximaler Dichte. Sie ist ebenso einfach wie kompliziert. Ist Pop und Kunst, ist Glas und Schnee, ist Gestern und Morgen. Und wer nicht glaubt, dass diese Zaubermusik in die Disko der Zukunft gehört, der sollte das nächste Live Konzert von “THE FIELD “ nicht verpassen. “FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME“ ist ein Versprechen. Vielleicht das schönste Versprechen seit: Can you feel it !

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