Album artwork for Further Vexations

Further Vexations The Black Dog

Release date: October 2, 2020
Cat No: dustdl085
Barcode: 4250101420276
Further Vexations is a real successor to Radio Scarecrow. A lot of the elements used in the predecessor are still there interspersed amongst some of the 80 drum samples used on the album, but there’s something about Further Vexations that lends itself that little bit better to the club. Perhaps the recent bout of constant gigging has had its effect on the act because this one is going to be tearing up floors around the world on its release. The power of these clubbier tracks is perfectly balanced with the sort of sublime downtempo electronica that only The Black Dog do best. Further Vexations might have taken half the time to create but still manages to maintain the same degree of meticulous detail and attention as its predecessor, and, again like Radio Scarecrow, is a complete package of tracks demanding to be listened to from start to finish. Behind the album is a dark cynicism of the Orwellian practices being carried out by the Government and the passivity of the general public at large to let this happen. Martin Dust from tBd explains, “Our main concern was and still is the amount of personal freedoms being surrendered under the banner of "for your own safety" – CCTV, Biometrics and the World Wide Database being the latest inventions to save us for ourselves. What is it going to take for people to wake up? How much further can the people we put into power go before something final snaps? We've had enough now! We believe people have become lazy and accepting of "beige" political parts who have realised if they stand for nothing, people will fall for anything.” Further Vexations looks to rouse the sort of political attitudes that have been sorely missing from electronic music since rave’s backlash against the Criminal Justice Act in the 90’s. Martin continues, “It was these feelings along with visiting many different cities, playing lots of clubs and festivals that we believe has resulted in the pick up in pace and aggression reflexed in the tracks on Further Vexations - these are our Vexations.”

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