Album artwork for Fusci

Fusci Boot & Tax

Release date: June 23, 2014
Cat No: OT 008
Barcode: 880319672118
OT 008
8,20 €
Boot & Tax return with their second EP following the success of the sold out “Acido” EP which received a multitude of plays from a plethora of djs in a profusion of discotheques.

These Milanese maestros deliver four dance floor delights in their own inimitable and distinctive style. Working across a range of tempos and incorporating more of Boot’s great vocalising they also manage to weave a Jaw’s Harp solo in there and make it seem like a potential replacement for the TB 303.

This also takes us to 50% of Optimo Trax so far being of Italian origin. We’re not entirely sure how this happened but despite rumours to the contrary, we are open to releasing music from other countries within or outwith the EU.

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