Naum Gabo // Magazine
Format // 12" // 12" (Limited Edition)
Here are two pieces by NAUM GABO (Jonnie Wilkes and James Savage) which we used to slow down in many sets and we still do. The speed change from 45 to 33rpm transformed them into new tracks, pulled them over from Glasgow to Cologne, placed them in a different genre, converted the intended scheme into an acquired effect – set a model into a world.  
We hereby materialise this practice and its theory by re-releasing the tracks. Pressed on 45rpm, they’ve now physically become new compositions. They can’t be played at the original speed anymore, but only even slower still. Now it‘s your turn.
                                                   This is a conceptual release
This is a Schottland / Deutschland release
This is a Glasgow / Köln release
This is a 33 / 45 release
This is a Modell / Welt release
33 to 45 re-master by Jörg Burger
180g Vinyl, heavy stock sleeves, black paper bags, shrinkwrapped