Album artwork for Gelbensande

Gelbensande Zigan Aldi

Release date: October 21, 2016
Cat No: Acker 050
Barcode: 880319833816
Sold Out
Prince of Persia sound from the big city: The dusty twilight of day and night sets the atmospheric backdrop for the dreamlike groove visions of Berlin based producer Zigan Aldi. The track “Blue Hill” combines a compelling bassline with the enigmatic sound of a string instrument that seems to originate straight from the parallel World of 1001 Nights. “Rosa Martha” starts as a stripped-down rhythm tool with a rather dark vibe which then contrasts beautifully with a hint of warm House music bubbling up from the depths towards the middle of the track. Mollono.Bass and Pophop dedicate their remixes to the uplifting side of things, and the digital version provides two more exciting adventure stories for dance floor explorers.

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