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Genscher Pull N Push / Der böse Osten Art P / Die Synthetische Republik

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We're thrilled to release two exciting electro tracks by Art P, as well as the classic minimal synthwave tune 'Der böse Osten' by related band project Die Synthetische Republik on this limited split 12".

The single kicks off with 'Genscher Pull and Push', an incredible and previously unreleased electro/wave/proto-techno tune from the P.A.P. archives, recorded in October 1982 with a political background. The song was only available on a demo cassette for a radio show and had been forgotten since then. Genscher was a long-time Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor of Germany, who played a key role in a coalition change in September/October 1982, leading his party, the FDP, to leave the Helmut Schmidt cabinet with the SPD and continue with the opposition, the CDU/CSU. As a result, the German lyrics of the song shout 'bitte geh nach links / bitte geh nach rechts' ('please go to the left' - meaning the left-leaning SPD, and 'please go to the right' - meaning the right-leaning CDU), and so on.

Unfortunately, this track was never released, as the topic of the coalition change quickly became uninteresting and outdated. If it had been issued on vinyl in late 1982, it would probably be considered one of the first proto-techno tracks ever. With its driving and heavily-punching 808 rhythms, and the bending synth bass leads played on the Jupiter 4 synthesizer, it gives you a groove that owes as much to Kraftwerk's 'Computerwelt' album as it may rhythmically pre-date the sound of Detroit's Juan Atkins. The energetic German vocals are giving the track a unique Neue Deutsche Welle touch. They are heavily left/right panned to fit the political topic.

Next up on the Art P side is a remix of 'Polaroid', originally found on the No Message LP that we re-released last year. The track was recorded in 1985, and at that time, the duo of Frank Grotelüschen and Jens-Markus Wegener had become bored with the sound of the Roland 808 drum machine, so they made the track with a DrumTraks by Sequential Circuits. However, for this remix, DJ Scientist, the curator of this 12", wanted to recreate the typical electro-funk sound of the era and added 808 bass drums and claps. The track was also shortened to a more DJ-friendly arrangement. The result is a dancefloor delight for all lovers of classic electro and SVC-350 vocoder sounds!

Die Synthetische Republik was a project by Wegener of Art P and Olav Neander. The track 'Der böse Osten' can originally be found on the cassette album 'Faktor D', recorded in just two weeks on a Tascam Portastudio 245. The original recording sessions were pure fun but also rushed. Hence, none of the tracks was perfectly mixed. With digital technologies, we remastered 'Der böse Osten' to achieve the best possible result and are pleased to release this serious synth wave gem on a loud 12" for the first time as an exclusive extended mix.

The split 12" is released in a picture sleeve with a unique artwork on each side. It is limited to 500 copies.

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