Album artwork for Get To Know You EP

Get To Know You EP Katerina

Cat No: rb119
Barcode: 4250101461729
14,90 €
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File under: Singer-songwriter house, outsider or campfire dance. Katerina’s full-blown debut EP for Running Back melds cultural images of both places she calls home. Alternatively hailing from Helsinki or Sofia, she serves ethereal vocals, heartbreaking melodies and the chilly melancholic strains of the north to meet an optimistic and at times cheerful mood, paired with pop music themes, heavy bass lines and an upbeat drum section. Six tracks of idiosyncratic and independent dance motifs (including two ambient takes) that all go against the grain of the fast pace of life today, cheap thrills and unnecessary kills. All symbolized in the lyrics of the lead song Get To Know You or the instrumental love ballad Rain In Her Eyes and bound together by Marsu The Cat or Time Machine. An EP with the depth of an LP, lots of weight and even more character. Powerful, wonderful and more durable than the remains of one day.

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