Album artwork for Ginevra

Ginevra Jepe



Release date: July 15, 2022
Cat No: AEON058
Barcode: 4250101446238
Digital Single
After Volume 5 of our Various Artist series „Lost Tapes“, AEON continues with a strong EP from family member, Jepe. The Portuguese born, Berlin living DJ & producer returns with „Ginevra“, after his well received debut EP „Restless Soul“ in 2020.

Ginevra... a queen, woman and a city. Jepe says: „The track is somehow an Ode to Europe women and the beauty of the city“, to which he traveled to with his wife and daughter. „The arpeggio and the strings bring you back to the XVI century of classical music“, he claims, „while the break and its synth take you to the modern and technologic part of the city."

Transcord - the secret A-side - of this diverse EP brings back 80ies/Italo influenced sound, though with a modern feel. For this track, Jepe teamed up with his mate Joal. The strong synthesizer sequence - slowly building up by layering more and more Oscillators - set the fundament for this grooving Dancefloor beast, while chopped vocals and chords gives this tune the last polish to be a weapon.

The EP is closed with „Salicornia“. The track is named after a plant that grows on salty waters. Same as the plant the tune is flowing in a more calm, but not less affective way. Different than „Ginevra“ & Transcord“ it has a more mystic vibe, diving in deeper areas of your soul, letting you float between the moods of mornings at the end of a club night.


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