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Glasgow. London. New York. Edinburgh. EP Various Artists

Release date: September 18, 2015
Cat No: OT016
Barcode: 880319725517
8,20 €
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Optimo Trax 16 is a various artists EP featuring tracks from Glasgow, London, New York & Edinburgh.

First up is Glasgow dj, Beta with his debut release "Endless Plains" a broken percussive, spine tingler. 100% emo.

Next London's L/F/D/M who had the first release on Optimo Trax returns under the modified moniker Love's Flaccid Disco Muscle with something a little different. "3am at the Aqua Disco" is bass heaviness with an almost exotica-style lead line. Unique and glorious.

Side two kicks off with New York's Alex Burkat (now relocated to Philadelphia) with an 8-minute depth-charge, "Culture Full Circle" that features a mutated sample form a legendary reggae track. One to get lost in.

The EP closes out with Modini (aka Neil Landstrumm and Alan Parley) with "Ghost Seducer": bass, dub and bleeps 21st century style.

4 different artists, 4 A-sides!

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