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Glassforms Versions Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper



Cat No: IF2080
Barcode: 4250101429385
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Laurel Halo, Donato Dozzy and Teheran sound artist Tegh give us their “Glassforms Versions"alongside a new edit by Max Cooper. The works of Philip Glass are reflected and refracted in a myriad of ways by some of the most renowned electronic artists alive, making for a blissful, multi-dimensional listening experience. Textextext - (add your write up) With “Glassforms", Max Cooper and Bruce Brubaker set out on an intimate, nuanced exploration of the works of Philip Glass. The resulting recordings, developed in a fluctuating exchange between the American pianist and the Irish scientist-artist, are an astounding testament to the innovation that artistic collaboration can achieve and what depths are yet to discover in Philip Glass’ compositions. The two artists did not just rework, but fundamentally rewired the original songs using algorithmic software to process and augment the musical data it received from Brubaker’s piano live on stage. When approaching his remix, Donato Dozzy also tapped into that inspiration to create something new rather than just reworking it, which is one of the core motives that emanates from “Glassforms". The Italian producer and label owner is known for his drive to explore: he develops installations for public spaces and museums, uses obscure musical instruments and collaborates with classical singers or visual artists. “I chose “Two Pages” for it’s hypnotic feel in the notes repetition", he says, “but I did not want to merely sample the piano, but instead ask someone I trust and admire to carve it from scratch and even go further.” So he followed the lead of Brubaker and Cooper and teamed up with the renowned Italian percussionist and jazz musician Daniele Di Gregorio to completely rewire “Two Page

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