Album artwork for GLP

GLP Green Lake Project

Release date: May 17, 2019
Cat No: 3000° CD 16
Barcode: 4250101405075
3000° CD 16
14,90 €
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An album that vibrates with the endlessness of space and an intense atmosphere of rocket-powered departure. It finds expression in the heaving waves of the basslines and the sharp spray of the hi hats, but just as much in the hypnotic play of all those subtle elements that are less obvious: The spiralling vortex of melodies and acidic synthesizer departures creates a sonic texture of organic beauty that is reminiscent of the intricate perfection of nature down here on planet Earth – clearly a signature element in Green Lake Project's unique Space Techno style. Altogether 11 tracks summarize what the mysterious duo has become well-known for at festivals and parties over the last years: Big productions for big emotions in front of big sound systems.

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