Album artwork for Go to Hell

Go to Hell Ciao Howdy

Release date: September 6, 2023
Cat No: TNP033
Barcode: 4250101461866
Digital Single
CIAO HOWDY, a captivating music duo from Los Angeles and Chicago. They embarked on their creative journey in 2022 with T-Bone Preston (Rainbow Arabia) and Dylan Ryan (Fatal Jamz, Man Man, Cursive) at the helm. Inspired by artists like Edie Brickell and various iconic 80’s and 90’s alternative bands, their sound weaves a unique tapestry of soulful melodies and vibrant rhythms.

T-Bone Preston, a charismatic vocalist, and Dylan Ryan, a multi-instrumentalist, discovered a profound musical chemistry that led to the formation of CIAO HOWDY. Drawing upon their diverse backgrounds, the duo seamlessly blends elements of indie pop, and alternative rock, creating a signature style that stands out in the contemporary music landscape.

Their latest Micro EP release, "Go to Hell" and "In the Garden," recorded with producer Mudrock at his Hobby Shop Studio, showcase the band's evolution and musical prowess. To enhance the sonic experience, CIAO HOWDY invited the talents of musicians Omar Schambacher (Great Spiders) on guitars and Danny Preston (Rainbow Arabia, Future Pigeon) on keys to collaborate on these tracks, elevating the songs to new heights.

Beyond their enchanting melodies, CIAO HOWDY’s lyrics delve into introspective themes, exploring the complexities of life and relationships with a touch of irony and sarcasm. Their songs resonate by connecting on a deeply emotional level, and leaving a lasting impact long after the music fades.

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