Album artwork for Golden Scales

Golden Scales Claudio PRC



Cat No: DSR/C22
Barcode: 4250101468476
12,80 €
  • 65c4cfec9819a
  • release
Step into the deep domains of compelling techno with Claudio PRC's latest outing on Delsin Records. After the mesmerizing strides of his previous releases, "Rites Of Passage" and "Challenger Deep," the Italian artist continues to carve a pathway that beckons listeners into his world of deep dreaming techno. With "Golden Scales", Claudio PRC invites us on yet another transformative journey. Inspired by "Il Nero e l'Oro" from Italian contemporary artist Alberto Burri, this forthcoming EP promises an evolution, a culmination of his sound expedition so far, a testament that blends the hauntingly beautiful elements of his past work with an evolved musicality that pushes the boundaries of deep and hypnotic techno innovation.

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