Album artwork for Granzow

Granzow Pay Kusten

Release date: June 26, 2020
Cat No: Acker 071
Barcode: 4250101417009
Digital Single
Acker 071
It sounds like the great, wide world that expands beyond the horizons of the rising and the setting sun - and it sounds like the vast world that reveals itself only behind closed eyelids. Apparently Pay Kusten is well-travelled in both of these worlds, because his tracks are both earthy and otherworldly. His rhythmic momentum has the powerful calmness of a river flowing beyond a perfectly smooth surface, you don’t even notice how quickly it carries you away. Pay Kusten plays this trick in the medium and in the lower BPM range. Catchy melodies entangle with hallucinogenic samples in the depth of the ar-rangement. With KlangDruide and Timboletti there’s two like-minded adventurers on board of this journey, navigating us into two more groove dimensions.

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