Album artwork for GRRR

GRRR The Chica

Release date: June 28, 2019
Cat No: DPC011
Barcode: 4250101408212
Digital Single
The Chica is one of the Latinoamerican female voices that has been stirring up her heart and voice for several years. The Chica is an exaggeration of reality, a mix, a mutation. She has unleashed her madness in Mendoza's "Porno Party” and other parties such as "Club Sauna" and "Recreo Festival" in Santiago, Chile. Two years ago she released her debut album “Soy Fan” with the DDR label, and last year she also released her second title “Paradancers” through Discos Pato Carlos, on this occasion we are proud to let go and enter deeper in her delirium with her latest release “GRRR”.

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