Album artwork for Hammerhai

Hammerhai Carsten Halm



Release date: June 4, 2021
Cat No: Traum V253
Barcode: 4250101413254
Traum V253
11,20 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
This is the third release on vinyl in a series with Carsten Halm intended as a collectors release.

Carsten Halm’s new EP works hand in hand with his previous Traum EPs ("Taubenflug" and "Fuchsbau") in the sense that it seemingly effortless creates an intense feeling that reaches people and has created a fanbase already.

The opening track "Hammerhai" combines modern techno playfulness with some seductive old-school chords to create another Halm journey at its best. His narrative quality is very addictive and fine structured again.

The track "Tiefsee" follows this trail but has a stronger techno focus.

"Anemone" instead could be called a more private track, more introvert and lush as it shapes a matrix for a cool listening experience.

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