Album artwork for Hangar 77

Hangar 77 Damon Jee

Release date: May 7, 2021
Barcode: 4250101427909
Digital Single
Damon Jee returns with an unforgettable three-track EP of hi-energy main room cuts destined for all the DJ playlists. Also included are two fantastic remixes: a peak time melodic monster from Agents of Time and a no-holds-barred take from rising producer No_ip.

On 'Hangar 77' we find Damon Jee in an almost contemplative mood. The beats feel more tempered from what we are used too from a Damon Jee track, but the guitars are still there. Light fx and stunning melodic flourishes only add to heighten the drama.

There's a progressive melodic element on 'Suicidal World' that feels almost new for a Damon Jee production. However, listen closely, and it's all still there: big drums, driving bass and uplifting energy that feels almost purging. The title might be suicidal by name, but it exudes a passion for life that should translate onto any dancefloor.

Italian duo Agents of Time is the perfect choice to remix 'Suicidal World'. In their hands, they unfurl the melody even further, adding layers of dense synths that will sound delicious on a warm sunny day. Their trademark drums only enhance the melody's primary energy. This is music for massive outdoor festival dancefloors.

If you are after something to conquer any dancefloor then look no further than 'Secret Garden'. It has a massive wrecking ball kick and a bass so thick you could get stuck in it. Flourishes of wicked psychedelia and fluttering percussion are thread into its DNA. The introduction of a synth later in the piece offers a brief respite before the massive drop kicks the energy up another ten notches. This is vintage Damon Jee.

No_ip might be one of Spain's most promising producers, and he only adds to that reputation on his remix of 'Secret Garden'. With added crispy hats and sharp snares, the original now feels more organic, while the driving bass has more swing to it. But once the breakdown hits, the manic vocal is stretched and digitised into a mesmerising display production power—thisi is the perfect track to announce any set.

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