Album artwork for Hansaprohlis EP

Hansaprohlis EP Rebar

Release date: February 17, 2017
Cat No: MOC013
Barcode: 880319853210
8,70 €
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„made of CONCRETE“ founders Andreas Pionty & fumée grise celebrate the label’s second anniversary with a special release, that aligns their soundscape to palpable, material coordinates in a near- synesthetic output. Joining forces as Rebar, a moniker nodding to the label’s name itself, their debut EP consists of two original tracks and two remixes centered around geo-relevant, field recorded elements.

Named after a district in Dresdener Andreas Pionty’s hometown, opening track „Prohlis“ is a straightforward exploration of industrial elements with an impersonal, functional atmosphere. „Kaputt“ labelhead Coeter jumps in on the rework, adding more groove to the track through rhythmic distortion.

Breaking off from the homogenous structure of the first side, „Hansaviertel“ unfolds as a more traditional composition. Using live recordings from the eponymous district in Berliner fumée grise's home base, an area well known for its modern architecture, the track evokes the same minimalist and cavernous ambiance as the area itself. Known for his upright techno antics, „Credo“ main man Alex Bau puts forth an atypical dub tech remix. Retaining the initial groove and spacious attire, we’re enveloped in a more laidback, minimalist interpretation of the original.

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