Album artwork for Hardspace Volume Two (2x12 Coloured Vinyl) transparent turquoise

Hardspace Volume Two (2x12 Coloured Vinyl) transparent turquoise Hardspace

Cat No: H002
Barcode: 4250101468100
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On the second installment for Len Faki’s newly founded platform Hardspace, the veteran producer goes back to vaults of his collection in order to unearth more hidden gems, turning them into tracks that can not only keep up with modern dancefloor standards, but even bring new life and audience to these personal favorite classics.

Phuture’s Your Only Friend with its iconic lyrics was an absolute anthem back in the day and had a big impact on the young Len Faki. Being able to remix it himself was a very special experience, resulting in an equally strong and emotional Hardspace Mix.

A standout of the early 2000s, Agent Wood by UK Gold still stands as a prime example of tribal techno. This remix builds on the original’s wild drumming sequence and gripping vocals, but manages to pack even more drive and the necessary extra oomph for today’s sound systems.

The only more recent outing on Hardspace Vol. 2 is Base by young German producer A-STS. An extremely simple techno tool that had enough room for Hardspace to add many additional elements like more drums, a new breakdown and even a dubby synthline to completely transform the track towards the end.

Drum Crazy holds up to its name — a DJAX-UP classic that got remixed into a distinctly more „techno“ version with booming low end and more emphasis on the synth lines, while still keeping the crazy onslaught of all things drums going.

A certified banger in 1992 already, Overdub by Belgium outfit Test stood out with its insane main synth motif, which gets dialed back here into something more simple yet even more powerful with some added layers of groove.

Stemming from the same group of early 90’s producers, Her Majesty 909 is a time-honored example of expert use of this seminal drum machine. The Hardspace mix brings the rework up to latest production levels but also keeps the stripped-back charme of the original intact, while making the already reverb-laden track feel even bigger.

Hardspace Vol. 2 is a compilation varied enough to come out in many different sets and settings and at the same time gives us a deeper understanding of the path the DJ and producer Len Faki aka Hardspace is on.

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