Album artwork for Harmonisch Serie

Harmonisch Serie Max Cooper



Release date: January 5, 2009
Cat No: Traum V107
Barcode: 880319339714
Traum V107
9,20 €
Traum is proud to welcome the new “wunderkind” from the UK, Max Cooper. Max is a great UK DJ who is also involved in mathematical modelling research on the evolution of networks of genes at University College London, a sci-art project combining evolutionary and music production algorithms. Max Cooper has many lives and he is a true wizard in his category. Born originally in Belfast he has been resident at the Rumour as well as playing his 9th year at clubnight “Firefly”. Max can be heard regularly Djing in The Key - London, Stealth - Nottingham and The Cross - London. He was quickly recognised by the media, receiving the label of Mixmag 'future hero'. Max has joined Traum with a 3 tracker involving top English producer Kanio for a remix of the a-side track “Harmonisch Serie” as well as including another English artist, Ito, remixing his track “Compact Yourself“ on the digital side. Max Cooper´s innovative programming positions him music-wise alongside artists such as Dominik Eulberg, Minilogue and Extrawelt. His epic structure has a unique narrative character to it which distinguishes him from others and sometimes dares to become almost soundtrack like, full of ambience. Maybe this is best expressed by his B2 track “i” , which you can hear digitally in an even longer version. His debut on Traum is a unique sound sensation of incredible details and big sound layouts, as if made for Traum. Melodic and gentle but at the same time energetic and full of colours with a sci fi edge to it! Max has also remixed Extrawelt´s “Im Garten Von Eben” released December the 22nd 2008 as well as being involved in several coming projects on Traum.
Neuentdeckung aus England mit trippigem Techno. Seelenverwandt mit D. Eulberg, Extrawelt & Minilogue.

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