Album artwork for Hartenland EP

Hartenland EP Mollono.Bass

Release date: May 4, 2009
Cat No: Acker 010
Barcode: 880319416613
Acker 010
Sold Out
Slowly but constantly days are getting longer again and clothes become shorter and shorter. Green is sprouting on the acres around and Acker Records delivers the perfect soundtrack for the euphoric hormone cocktail of the first warm days in spring: Endlich Fr¸hling means nothing else but ìFinally springî and that is exactly what its all about: The title song comes with plenty of cosy but pushing boost in its lower sections, above that some driving percussion and dreamy, playful melodies unfold. Subtle string entries underline the very positive flow of this track. On the flipside Rundfunk 3000 take up the idea of the original and add a proper pinch of melodica sounds. The result presents much more song character and is perfectly appropriate for late afternoon dance floors as well as a stimulating breakfast on the balcony. Finally the track Rabulka features a pretty different style: Very driving bass sounds, various rhythmic elements and dubby melodies evolve an astonishing deepness. This is for the spring time!

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