Album artwork for Hauki

Hauki Sasse

Release date: June 14, 2024
Cat No: Playrjc 112
Barcode: 4250101472237
Digital Album
Playrjc 112
Today we want to share »Hauki«, the new mini-album by Sasse, with you. Finland's secret weapon in Berlin makes indeed a »Vorstoss In Die Tiefe« aka »foray into the depths« as the opener indicates. A foray to where the »Hauki« lives and catches his prey - what a lovely yet dangerous tune. »Book Of Alex« is more on the dreamy sides of house music whereas »Manhattan« evokes car rides through a rainy New York night. But it doesn't take long until the »Sunrise In Mellenhof« - a very trippy sunrise that is. But Sasse wouldn't be Sasse if he wouldn't be able to throw in a downbeat tune like »JP-4« to surprise you, the loyal listener. Now all you gotta do is listen. Listen deep.

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