Album artwork for Haunt (Dominik Marz Remixes)

Haunt (Dominik Marz Remixes) North Collective

Release date: December 6, 2019
Cat No: AND 24
Barcode: 4250101409578
Sold Out
Jannis & Lean are North Collective. Why North Collective? Because they romanticize cold and stormy places.

Nobody ever took them to the Caribbean. They released their “Nurture EP” in 2016. Dominik Marz got almost the same feelings, even when he is based in Augsburg/Bavaria. With his 12”release “Tryads” in 2017 he delivered a masterpiece for andmusic as well.

He is doing pretty well right now. Together with his dude David Kochs (Only For A While) they have some smashers in circulation. For example: "Bavarian Belter" finds support by Ame & Dixon.

Dominik delivers 2 fresh versions for “Haunt”. Clubby, dark & deep. Perfectly converted into something great. Forever and timeless, we think. Grab one of the limited 12”.

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