Album artwork for Helios

Helios Lux / Hermetics

Release date: December 1, 2023
Cat No: OMDD 054
Barcode: 4250101465260
Digital Single
OMDD 054
Lux & Hermetics is a musical project from Buenos Aires composed of the producers and musicians Lucas Chaumont, also known as Lux, and Santiago Nino, also known as Hermetics. This EP was produced during the Argentine winter of 2023, with nothing more than a laptop, a guitar and an extensive work of sampling, sound curation, and sound design, giving this work a rather unique cinematic and nostalgic personality. This four-chapter work tells a journey that goes from innocence, through solitude and emptiness, to the serenity of a timeless existence.

‘Helios’ is a sonic quest that seeks to unify opposites and inject wonder, mystery, and a sense of the sacred into ordinary life and the complex simplicity that surrounds us. Its atmosphere represents a celebration that does not rely on something already defined but is enriched by the diversity of its sound, by the multitude of worlds it wishes to manifest, thus creating a wild desire for freedom and exploration.

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