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HENK03 Stikdorn & MK Braun



Release date: August 28, 2020
Cat No: HENK03
Barcode: 4250101418471
9,20 €
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For the third installment of Henk, the two DJ’s and producers from Cologne, Germany showcase once again a wide variety of styles in their production. With the A1 being a collaboration of the two, the 3 other tracks are solo works by Stikdorn. “Reset” quickly makes it’s way into any raver’s heart. Fast-paced drums and percussions meet mellow pads and 90’s vibe arpeggio’s, making this a sure shot on any dancefloor in summer. It’s clear that the A-Side on this one is reserved for the bangers once you dive into “Come Closer”. A haunting 303 acid line garnered by steadily pounding drums and vocal snippets reminding you of the early hardcore days making this a must-have for any DJ-Set. On the B-Side things slow down significantly. But only in tempo, not in deepness for sure. “Anemia” is one of these tracks that evolve while floating through space and time, taking you to the trippier and more thoughtful places, either on the dancefloor or wherever you are. “Low Lights” highlights Stikdorn’s affinity for breakbeats once again. Perfectly suitable to take your DJ-Set into another direction or for the early/late hours in the club.

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