Album artwork for Hi-Tech Dreams

Hi-Tech Dreams U.R

Cat No: UR-071
Barcode: 4250101466151
16,50 €
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Repress! Detroit a city of great contrasts. Feats of engineering that spurred the world forward. For a few decades wealth and prosperity. Hi-tech dreams seemed achieved. But with the dream also comes nightmares…..Traffic Jams, Predatory Insurance Companies prey on municipalities with no mass transporation, freeways built specifically to ruin minority prosperity & to build walls between people. Beautiful countries all over the world wrecked at war over the thirst for oil, entire neighborhoods decimated when the corporate greed for profit forces engineers to build throw away cars that are quickly replaced by better built foreign competition. Even Worse……Climate change. Detroit the city that knows the best NO CORPORATIONS SHOULD DICTATE CITY FUNCTION the people should……listen to the sound and learn from it……or deal with the Lo-tech reality that Corporate greed actually is so good at building. UR the future UR the change……

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