Album artwork for Hidden Structures EP

Hidden Structures EP Rob Clouth

Release date: September 18, 2015
Cat No: LSR017
Barcode: 880319720918
Some structures never reveal their true identity: the Planck length, the center of blackholes, the space beyond the firmament. There are whole universes we may never understand. But their definitions can change, the unknowable can become knowable, and the hidden can be revealed. Rob Clouth’s Hidden Structures EP simultaneously represents some of the hardest and most delicate work of his career. Inspired by the dance floor but not beholden to its demands, Hidden Structures is thirty minutes of mind-melting sonic explorations, fusing entrancing melodies with blistering percussion. The EP is a wholly self-contained journey, with waves of kinetic pleasure unveiled within the spacious sound design. Rob Clouth’s Hidden Structures are alternately restrained and fiery, welcoming and threatening. This is music for the sound of both creation and destruction. Since the release of his Clockwork Atom EP on Leisure System in 2014, Rob Clouth has opened for Jon Hopkins and Squarepusher, played Leisure System parties at Berghain and Dimensions Festival, and the EP was named one of 2014’s best by Bleep.

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