High Tension EP

Release date: June 24, 2016
Cat No: MOC 010
Barcode: 880319781810
8,70 €
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  • release
British producer Reformed Society is on a steadfast mission to dig deeper by going against the grain, standing up to the status quo and daring to do something different. A self proclaimed goal that is easily noticeable in his first release for “made of CONCRETE”, wherein he reveals three original tracks and a remix by Gathaspar, one of the label’s regulars. Kicking things off with “High Tension”, a high strung stripped back piece with an aerial feel, the artist builds up the entire mood of the EP from scratch. A clear-cut, steady groove whose versatility makes it relevant as an intro, outro or interlude. Gathaspar’s Rausch Remix is a sub-bassy reinterpretation of the initial piece, filled with contorted whirs and whizzes that give the track a sub- aquatic feel. On “Volgende Halte”, the opening vocal sample shifts from a seemingly conventional soundbite to a recurringly haunting snippet that remains etched into the listener’s brain. Rhythmical rolling pads galvanize the groove, making for an eerie yet relaxed overall vibe. Movement inducing from the get go, final offering “Orbiting Jupiter” centers around wavering bass leads, while playing on a blend of spacious synths and timbered percussion patterns.

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