Album artwork for Himmelmekanik

Himmelmekanik Thomas Bjerring



Cat No: Traum V134
Barcode: 4250472400341
Traum V134
We welcome back Thomas Bjerring with his second release on Traum. He has again teamed up with David Skog for the stunning vocal track “Ice”. The magic of their debut track “2:45” on Traum is in a way showing up here but connected to a much stronger 80ies feel. Again the voice of David Skog is striking. Partly hi-energy, partly a progressive pop song... this hybrid of a song is a “skin diver”. The track has allready been licenced to Sony in Sweden for their: „Sound Of Copenhagen Vol. 6“ compilation later this year and is being played out by nation radio stations there. “Perpetuum” is a fusion of techno, progressive and ambient elements all locked together. They create a bit of a techno opera, or rather a spectacle. The track has light hearted aspects sparking off combined with deeper ends especially when one hears the well written break. Indeed it is a complex written piece of music that unfolds in a journey like fashion. Maybe this track could be evaluated as Bjerring´s most extreme excursion into the techno world.Marigold is a wonderful melancholic song that refers to dimensions such as: lonelyness, remoteness, great panoramic monumemtalism as well as micro views. It sees itself therfore in an analogy to Thomas Bjerring´s debut track on Traum: “Stratus”. A deep track that goes to the heart. Let us introduce Microtrauma here with their fantastic remix of Thomas Bjerring and David Skog´s track "Ice". Microtrauma have released a remix for Max Cooper on Traum quite some time ago so we are happy to have them on board again and what a remix they deliver here! Their interpreataion works in the way of a stream of conshiosness. Sounds are switched on and off, turn more and more blurred in the course of the track and lead to a seemingly dreamlike state. Traum at is best... a pure avantgardistic masterpiece. UK artist Morris Cowan gave his debut on the Ryan Davis release on Traum in January 2011 with his remix of “Sideways” and delivers here another stunning remix. Morris Cowans is occupied with shaping electronic landscapes and the manipulation of sound. His artistic approach is remote from clubbyness, his sound architecture is breathtaking and modern. He will release a full length album on Traum´s new sublabel Zaubernuss in March 2011.

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