Hold Up

Release date: July 22, 2013
Cat No: SPECTRAL 113
Barcode: 804297711317
4,90 €
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If you thought the English-accented voice singing the hook on Ann Arbor/Detroit producer Todd Osborn's new single "Hold Up" sounded familiar, you'd be right — it's Joe Goddard of UK globeconquerors Hot Chip. The match might seem counter-intuitive — Hot Chip are best-known for reinventing rave sounds for a new generation, while "Hold Up" is all about the warmth of classic house — but it works a treat, with Goddard's surprisingly soulful delivery slotting seamlessly into the mix.

"Hold Up" is the first that the world has heard from Osborn since 2009's Hovercrafting EP and 2008's self-titled debut. It comes backed with a remix from Goddard that's entitled, appropriately enough, "Joe's Dub" — as the title suggests, it furnishes the original with suitably spacious reverb sounds and atmosphere, although it's more a case of a subtle reworking rather than a full-scale dubplate deconstruction.

There's also another new track on the b-side: "All Night," which also sounds exactly like its name. It's a track that's made to soundtrack dancing all night, based around the sound of an insistent 4/4 kick and a decidedly groovy walking triplet bassline. The remix by Tuff City Kids, the duo consisting of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer, adds atmospheric synth stabs and long, luxurious filter sweeps, giving the track a spacier feel without losing the energy of the original.

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